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In Authentia, we aspire to become an incubator of Greek scholars trained in academia, a conduit of knowledge, and create initiatives that will align with the vision of the University of Twente.
As Director of Transfer, my goal is to establish an exchange contract with at least one institute from Greece that previously had no connection with the University of Twente. This can be further strengthened with a partial scholarship offered to scholars from Hellenic academic institutes for their internship/thesis conduction in one of the University of Twente research groups or companies of the surrounding ecosystem.

“Education is not a privilege of the few, but a right of the many.”

In my role as Assistant Professor, I am involved in educational and research projects at a national and European level. Therefore I developed the relevant experience and personal interest in student supervision and development. Being a Greek myself and a former student at the University of Twente, I am also especially interested in creating a bridge with Greek academic institutes. This will create a two way gain, with the University of Twente benefiting from the high-quality scholarly capacity of Greek universities and Greek students from working in a high-tech multi-cultural environment and being offered unique professional opportunities.

Are you interested in offering in-kind support to the efforts of the Directive of Transfer? Are you willing to sponsor or start a membership with Authentia to offer monetary support for our overall objectives? Please contact me at or find me on Linkedin.

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